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I'm a Blend of an Engineer, Explorer, and a Remote Pilot.

I'm a PhD candidate at Field Robotics Lab , advised by Professor Hanumant Singh at Institute for Experiential Robotics, Northeastern University.

Research Focus: Developing hardware and software architecture for Multiple UAVs.

  • To enhance reliability of Long-term Autonomy in infrastructure-poor, remote locations.

  • To perform Synchronous data acquisition and/or data transmission tasks that requires multi-agent coordination. Eg: Imaging Dynamic environments, Aerial Beamforming with Software Defined Radios.

Primarily worked on System integration of various sensing modalities and Developing navigation pipelines in context of Size, Weight, Power and Compute constrained robots.

My research interests lies at intersection of perception, system integration and aerial communication to build reliable autonomous robots/ platforms for real world environments.

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Inside Anechoic Chamber at NEU Burlington Campus,
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Stratified Dynamics of the Arctic (SODA) 2018 Expedition